Adult Classes


Our frequent painters will be eligible for a free class after paying for 6 classes. 
  Adult Classes - 5:00 - 7:30 pm


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When paying online, you will be required to enter:
name of the class attending, phone number, email address and name.  We do not distribute this information to anyone.
January 14th
Dona Turner
Chickadee in Birch Tree

February 11th
Dona Turner
Date Night - Birch Forrest
February 16th
Annita Wilson

This class will start at 6pm
Wire Wrap
March 11th
Dona Turner
April 15th & 16th
Polly Moore
Cost of this class is $135.00
Must be paid in full before 3/24/2023 to secure a spot.
Class times:
Sat. 15th  9am - 5pm
Sun. 16th 1pm - 5pm


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